Whole grain protein concentrate

Product form

A free-flowing powder, with an expressive fraction due to its rich fiber content and partially denatured proteins.

Product smell

The smell of the product is relatively neutral with pleasant, lightly roasted notes. The smell varies depending on temperature — as the temperature rises, the product will develop a slightly acidic aroma as a result of the fermentation process.

Product taste

The product has a slightly acidic taste, similar to naturally fermented rye bread. The acidity is more pronounced at higher concentrations and temperatures.

Product appearance

The product is light beige due to the characteristic color of the raw material (grain) and the process by which it is obtained. The product’s beige colour is affected by the partial denaturation of proteins that takes place during the manufacturing process. The light colour is influenced by the size of the fraction — the finer the fraction, the lighter the powder looks. However, when the product is in contact with liquid, its colour darkens and the size of the fraction no longer matters.
Discolouration also occurs when the product comes into contact with other raw materials.

Humidity – low moisture content, average 6%
pH – 4, which guarantees its safety – low probability of development of microorganisms
Water binding capacity – 75%
Low water activity – 0.4 aw
High nutritional value
High polyunsaturated fatty acids content
Low carbohydrates
Contains all essential amino acids
No added sugar and salt
Low hygroscopicity
Low bulking intensity
Low gelling properties
Low viscosity properties
Increases density in final products
Increased viscosity in liquids containing sugar
High thermo, freeze/thaw, and acid stability
Stable during processing
Fail–proof in their application
A high degree of production safety
Easy application and a high degree of processing reliability
Baking and fermentation stability
Tested food categories

We have tested ²WHEAT on different food categories to find the best way to enrich them with high protein and fiber. Click on the product name and learn more.

Other target segments

We also see huge potential in these categories — let’s see what you’ll come up with. We’re open to teaming up with you on future product experiments.

  • Sports nutrition
  • Vegan and vegetarian food
  • Plant-based meat alternative products
  • Confectionery
  • Functional food
  • Sauces
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