ISD Ltd is a progressive and innovative producer of premium wheat products

Our whole grain protein concentrate (²WHEAT) uses a complex grain-processing technology to produce nutritional and unique products.

The process starts off by using specialised equipment to clean the grains while making sure the nutrients are protected and maintained. Impurities such as straw, dust, stones, and microbiological contamination are removed.
Then, the grain is turned into a flour full of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. This flour is mixed with water and fermented under tightly controlled conditions.

After fermentation, an advanced centrifugal system removes the carbohydrates while maintaining the fiber, protein, vitamins, and other valuable ingredients. Under specific conditions (by controlling the temperature and physicochemical performance of intermediate products), a technological process transforms the bulk of the fiber and protein into pellets.
Finally, the pellets are crushed into a powder and carefully packed up.

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