2WHEAT roots in a historical Northern Europe factory in Latvia – Iecava Distillery

Generations over centuries have nurtured wheat so remarkable, it’s building the foundation of future foods. ²WHEAT started at the Iecava Distillery — a historic Northern European factory in Latvia producing quality wheat products since 1997.

Thanks to its rich history, Iecava Distillery has become a progressive and innovative producer of premium wheat products. Thus, dual in nature, ²WHEAT also connects past to present, mastery to innovation, nutrition to flavor, and power to vitality through protein and fiber.

Our experts have carefully selected only premium-quality grains to cultivate a complete nutritional base you can take and shape into a superfood of your choice. Our production process only uses locally-grown and non-GMO wheat grains.

We take pride in making sure our grain providers are regularly tested so that we can keep producing exceptionally high-quality products that fully adhere to international food quality schemes.

We have unlocked the full potential of wheat. Let’s see how you will use it.

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